Thinking Together

In How Google Works Eric Schmidt shares the following, “Getting people to say yes in a meeting doesn’t mean you have agreement, it means you have a bunch of bobbleheads.”
Many of us are consensus driven . . . we believe that building consensus for an idea means people are adopting it. Yes, building true consensus is great. But building consensus doesn’t simply mean getting others to adopt your idea. True leaders build consensus in their willingness to come together. In Latin, consensus is cum, meaning “together with” and sentire, meaning “to think or feel.” Building consensus isn’t about getting everyone to agree with a specific plan. It is a willingness to create a feeling together. 
We must create this feeling in our organizations. You – as the leaders – must encourage openness and cultivate an environment that encourages everyone to speak their mind. Each voice – each person within their 20 square feet – must understand not only the acceptance, but the expectation that they are part of each solution. Elite organizations aren’t top down . . . they encourage discussion.  
Having a bunch of bobbleheads in a meeting – that then leave and complain – isn’t consensus building. It can’t be about saying “yes.” It has to be about feeling “yes.” What can you do to foster creativity and collaboration within your team? There is no better time to start than today!

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