Seeking New Solutions

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we’ve used to create them.” – Albert Einstein.
 Adjust and Adapt . . . we must get good at change. A solution that worked yesterday may not be the best solution for a similar problem today. As we encounter events – as we solve problems – we are committed to our relentless pursuit of excellence.

 One of our greatest gifts is the ability to learn. We are constantly gathering information, reflecting on the implication of our own actions, and pursuing opportunities for growth. This is what we do. We are learners.

We must collaborate, explore new possibilities, and purposefully pause to look through problems from different angles, through different lenses. Our training, and the training of our fellow educators, prepared us for the world of today. We’ve been trained to deal with “our problems” using the same thinking that created them. We need to step up and create new solutions – collaborative solutions born from the Power of our Team and our Passion for Growth.

So today, when you feel your default-driven decision making process push you towards an auto-pilot response, take just a moment to pause and consider other options. Engage a peer, take a moment for reflective self-talk, and consider other solutions.

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