“Things change. A great strategy works until it doesn’t. Sustainable success requires you to adjust & adapt.” – Tim Kight
Change is inevitable . . . just because it worked yesterday, doesn’t mean it is going to work today. This is why we can’t operate in a “command and control” environment. This is why “top down” leadership is, in most cases, not very effective. Leadership isn’t about giving directions. Leadership is about cultivating a direction. 

We need our people to own their 20 square feet. We need to be focused on common goals and aligned with expected behaviors. Change happens too quickly for the leaders to give orders; we need cultivate a culture where everyone in the organization is able to adjust and adapt.

Build your team, create a culture that encourages ownership, and let your team adjust and adapt. Your plan . . . your leadership . . . must be about building capacity, not building compliance.  

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