Speak Out about What Matters Most

On the day we celebrate the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, it is only appropriate that he provides the inspiration for our thoughts this morning.
As public educators we are committed to the future; our work each and every day is predicated on a commitment to create a better future. The young people that sit in our classrooms are the future of our country. We are entrusted, we are morally obligated, to intentionally and purposefully mold our students into tomorrow leaders. Simply stated, we are the creators of tomorrow.
For too long we have permitted the media, politicians, and non-educators to dictate our path. For too long we have abdicated to those in power rather than expressing our expertise. For too long we have permitted a status quo, bottom-line approach to education. Too often we have remained silent . . . we have stepped down.
Public education is the future of our country; it is the silver bullet. We must stand-up and speak-out. We must share our passion for growth; we must embrace the productive discomfort needed to take education to the next level. These changes aren’t found in the halls of the Statehouse in Columbus or Congress in Washington, DC. The impetus for change is found with you . . . it is found in the classrooms of the Hilliard City Schools. You know what changes are necessary. It isn’t going to be easy; it isn’t going to be comfortable.
It is up to you. If it isn’t happening in you, it can’t happen through you. Our time is now . . . embrace the requisite discomfort . . . let’s blaze a new path together. We are done being silent about the things that matter most 


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