Zest for Life

“In bad times and in good, I have never lost my sense of zest for life.” – Walt Disney

It starts with you . . . it starts with you managing your 20 square feet. It is personal; only you can control how you respond to the events you will face.

Other people notice your attitude, body language, and spirit. Your zest for life – your energy and enthusiasm – are contagious. When you are positive – in both good times and bad – your positive energy not only impacts your performances but it impacts the performance of the entire organization. Yes, without a doubt, leadership matters.

As a leader you are a multiplier. Your behavior creates the culture. When you are negative, you give permission for others to BCD. If you are less engaged or defeated, others will follow your lead. On the other hand, when you have a zest for life . . . when you have a positive energy . . . you create positive events for your team to experience.

My wish for you – be a positive force multiplier. Just as I seek opportunities to share my enthusiasm and passion, my hope is you will seek opportunities to do the same. In bad times and in good, people are watching. It’s not what you say, it’s your actions. People experience your leadership – make it the experience you want for them.

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