Laughter, Leadership, and Love

“Laughter is timeless, imagination has no age, and dreams are forever.” – Walt Disney

A world filled with laughter, imagination, and dreams – could you ask for anything more?

We are on a journey – a journey together to create the culture we want for our district. Our work with Focus 3 is designed to put a process in place to live our lives intentionally, on purpose, and skillfully. We must also be committed to each other . . . to the joys we experience together, to the imagination we celebrate, and to the dreams we build.

Leadership drives culture, culture drives behavior, and behavior produces results. Your leadership creates experience for others. So I ask you, what experiences are you creating?

Are you creating a world filled with laughter? Are you cultivating an environment that is filled with positive energy? Are you encouraging the imagination of those on your team? Are you a dream builder?

Honestly, this isn’t easy. Yes, it seems simple, but balancing laughter and accountability is hard work. Creating high expectations while cultivating imagination . . . dreaming while facing reality . . . our work requires intentional, skillful leadership. What we desire doesn’t happen by mistake. Great leadership takes work; it doesn’t happen by default. Great leadership is discipline driven.

It’s about building relationships, earning trust through experiences, and sharing your love for those with whom you work. Leadership is personal; it must be happening in you before it can happen through you.

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