It’s Showtime

The greatest visionaries in every field have that gift for looking ahead. They don’t react.

Education is incredibly slow to change – it is a model of autopilot. For decades – for generations – we as educators have been slowly building on the tradition of American education. We continue with the same calendar, schedule, and structure; it is part of the expectation of society. Our children go to school, we went to schools, and our parents went to schools – little has changed. From Maslow to Dewey – we even prepare teachers the same way.

Where are the visionaries? Where are those who can bring uncommon solutions to today’s educational challenges. Where are those who break the mold? Those who finally act on purpose – not on educational autopilot. Who is looking ahead?

Folks it is simple . . . it is up to us. We have a framework for decision making that provides structure for each event we face. We must rise above the bureaucracy and politics. We must take our talent and skill to the next level. It’s not about reacting; it’s not about autopilot. It’s not about following the rules or embracing the past.

It’s about the future. It’s about the future for our children.

Culture drives behavior, behavior drives results. It starts with our culture . . . it’s time.

Now is the time . . . we are in alignment and we have the talent, skill, and focus to change the world. Be a visionary – see the future!

It’s Showtime!

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