Be Exceptional

Exceptional leaders think about common things in an uncommon way.

The work we do requires a growth mindset – we must continue to seek opportunities to be better. From our iPad rollout to the creation of online resources, from the ILC to blended learning framework . . . we expect innovation. In Hilliard, we think about common things in uncommon ways. We dream … and pursue our dreams for students.

Exceptional leaders think deeper; exceptional leaders question the status quo. Above the Line leadership requires digging deeper, embracing the productive discomfort of thinking differently, and alway questioning autopilot. Just because it worked yesterday, doesn’t mean we should do it again today. Yes, maybe the time tested practice is the best option, but elite leaders take the time to question. Elite leaders look through different lenses to seek ways to improve – constantly. It take practice and reps . . . it’s uncomfortable.

Best practices were best practices when they were created … create better practices.

Find the time to press pause – reframe each question – and consider uncommon responses to common events. It’s not simply getting outside the box; sometimes we may need to be considering entirely other actions. The solution, the road to growth, may be entirely uncommon.

I expect you to question . . . we are stronger as a team when each of you leads Above the Line. I’m asking for more for you . . . I’m asking you to take risks, to dig deeper, and to step up. It’s much easier, more comfortable, to follow directions. I’m asking you to actively seek to be exceptional each and every day.

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