Financial Responsibility is Critical

In Dublin, sustainable investments in education are carefully planned and managed to ensure long-term viability, without compromising the needs of current and future students. Investments include facilities, curriculum, technology, and resources to provide professional development opportunities for teachers to enhance their instructional practices. Student-focused investments prioritize students’ well-being and success, considering their diverse needs, interests, and abilities. Student support services, such as counseling, special education, and enrichment programs, as well as promoting equity of access to educational programs, are priority areas.

School districts have a fiduciary responsibility to use taxpayer dollars efficiently and effectively. We are transparent in managing budgets, make informed decisions about resource allocation, and adhere to all regulations and policies. Responsible stewardship involves engaging with the community and seeking input from stakeholders, including taxpayers, parents, students, and staff, to ensure that financial decisions align with the needs and priorities of the district. We are open to future levy needs and plan to address needs in a rapidly growing community.

We must align their vision and strategic goals with their available financial resources. This means developing a clear and coherent vision for the district’s educational objectives and then identifying the necessary financial resources to support and achieve those objectives. We prioritize initiatives that align with the district’s vision and are financially feasible while carefully managing and allocating resources to ensure sustainability and effectiveness in the long term. 

We are in the “people business,” and over eighty-five percent of the budget is the salary and benefits of our employees. We continually evaluate and align our school personnel to place the right people in the right programs to serve students.

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