Guiding Principles – Foundation for Decision Making

Guiding principles serve as the foundation for decision-making and provide a checklist for success for the Dublin City Schools. These principles are values, beliefs, or guidelines that guide our behavior and actions. They ensure that decisions align with the organization’s values, behavior, and outcomes.

Guiding principles provide a framework by offering consistent criteria to evaluate options and make informed choices. They serve as a reference point for individuals at all levels of the organization when facing complex situations or making important decisions. By using these principles as a checklist for success, the district can ensure that our choices and actions are aligned with the overall vision – Journey 2030.

Our principles, a rubric for action, create a culture of accountability and continuous improvement – a clear set of expectations everyone can understand and use as a guide. It promotes consistency and fairness in decision-making, as decisions can be evaluated with a common language. Guiding principles foster a positive and productive work environment, enhance decision-making, and drive success in achieving organizational goals.

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