Create Solutions

In the Dublin Schools, we don’t BCD. We don’t blame, complain, or defend in our daily lives. BCD has never solved a problem, improved a situation, or led to success.  

Yes, we identify problems and opportunities to improve. Sure, we share frustrations and failures. And yes, there are times each of us takes a chance to vent about something nagging us. Nevertheless, when we are at our best and most disciplined, we intentionally avoid BCD.

Instead of complaining, we strive to create solutions. We see a challenge or problem and work together to fix it. When answers are more complex, we collaborate to explore innovative options.  

We’ve been exploring ways to provide critical mental health support for our students and families. We know the wait to schedule a counseling appointment for students, and families may take several months. In many cases, when a parent is searching for professional support, the doors are all closed. As a school community, we get to create solutions rather than admire the current reality.

The past several years, exacerbated by disruptions caused by Covid, have highlighted the need for partnership with families and wrap-around support. We are proud that the Dublin City School District is partnering with the College of Social Work at The Ohio State University to train current Dublin teachers to earn a Master’s Degree in Social Work. With dollars provided to respond to the pandemic, our district will add up to 25 specialists to support our families and students.  

Living our core value, Better Together, our district is once again creating solutions for the Dublin Community and serving as a model for other districts.

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