Talent isn’t Enough

When we live with Active Hope, we have a vision for the future AND the discipline to make that vision a reality. We understand that the idea alone isn’t enough. Our Active Hope gives us focus.

Talent alone isn’t enough; education isn’t enough. There are many educated, talented individuals who are unsuccessful. Active hope is a North Star; active hope provides the discipline to remain focused on the vision.

We all have dreams – visions of what we want in the future. Some of our goals are simply wishes, and that’s natural. It’s natural to dream of winning the Mega Millions and owning your island in the Caribbean. Having a vision for your future and embracing the discipline needed to make that hope a reality is also natural.  

As educators, we cultivate a vision of endless possibilities for our students, teach them that discipline is required for future success, and instill in each student the understanding that earning success requires work and focus.

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