Intentionally Creating our Next Normal

For two years, our nation has been in critical response mode to the COVID-19 virus. We’ve shut down, masked up, and been vaccinated. Science has evolved, we all adapted and adjusted to fluid health orders and guidance.  

While there are divergent opinions on mitigation strategies, there is a nearly universal desire to return to normal. The current school year has been challenging because everyone had anticipated a return to normal. Just as the school year started, the Delta variant, followed by the Omicron variant, forced us to continue to implement and debate mitigation strategies.

As we look to the future, it is clear that we aren’t “going back” to 2019. Our path forward requires intentional action to build the future we want. The “next normal” will include:

  • Providing extra support for mental health challenges.
  • Adjusting our pacing plans based on student data.
  • Living shared cultural norms that support our community values.

Let’s be proactive and intentional in our actions. If we act with purpose and skill, we can build the environment we desire. We will get a default teaching and learning environment if we do nothing. We get to shape the future and we get to serve our communities. Now is the time for elite, skillful leadership; let’s step up to the challenge.

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