The Edge – Journey to Elite

“It isn’t about pride; it’s about being moved.”

It’s easy to say “I am proud” of our district’s Response to the Covid-10 challenge. The Events of the past ten months have demanded our very best; we’ve been purposeful in our efforts to achieve the best Outcome available to us. Our E+R=O training with Tim Kight prepared Hilliard for challenges; we’ve been training for demanding events.

For me, it isn’t about having pride in what we’ve done; I am moved to continue to push my edge. When we face real challenges, we are driven to achieve results. Those who are forced to their edge, who perform under pressure, are on a journey to elite. Covid has pushed me; it has pushed our team to our edge. We’ve persisted, enhanced our Response, and built new skills. It’s not about being proud; it’s about being moved to be elite.

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