Leaders Respond with Skill

Each of us is a leader; we have the opportunity to control the decisions we make and how we manage ourselves. Inside our 20 square feet, our area of influence, we choose how to think, interact, and behave.

The way I behave personally is what determines the culture around me. If I act with discipline, make intentional decisions, and respond to events with skill, I am modeling successful behavior for others. If I am consistent in my 20 square feet, I will earn the trust of those around me.

When others are acting out of emotion or fear during times of crisis, leaders must be disciplined. I “press pause” to first identify my emotions and secondly to hear and identify others’ feelings. A discipline-driven response is a choice; living a discipline-driven life is a skill.

I understand that this Covid-19 Pandemic increases emotions, fears, and frustrations. When people are hypercritical of my actions, when some people sink to hateful statements and attacks, discipline-driven responses are challenging yet required of me. I strive to manage my “R” with skill and be consistent in my behavior. I can’t control how other people act, but I can control how I respond.

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