Your ability to adjust and adapt in response to change, and to do so quickly in a positive & proactive way, is an essential skill in today’s world. – Tim Kight

In Hilliard, we teach our students about the R-Factor. We teach them E + R = O. We can’t control the Events in our lives; all we can control is our Response, which determines the Outcome. Our ability to “adapt and adjust” is essential in achieving successful outcomes.

Adapt and AdjustOur current crisis amplifies the need to “adapt and adjust” quickly. We identify new challenges every day. We don’t know when or if we will return to our school buildings this school year. We don’t know when it will be safe to gather for Graduation Celebrations with the Class of 2020. We know there will be a time to transition back toward normal, but we don’t know when or with what restrictions.

Your Hilliard School Leaders are considering many different options. We will be ready if we return to our buildings in early May or if we don’t return to traditional classrooms this school year. We will adapt and adjust to changing health conditions. Our district follows the leadership of Governor DeWine. The health and safety of our community is our priority.

We won’t get it right every time. We will adapt and adjust to the ever-changing time with purpose and skill. Please know, we make each decision with positive intent and with the most current information. Hilliard embraces change; we live our values. Adapting to change is a skill – a skill we value and teach our students.

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