First, think. Second, dream. Third, believe. And finally, dare. – Walt Disney

Originally posted in March 2018, we continue to dream today of a better future and dare to embrace the productive discomfort required to ensure Hilliard students are Ready for Tomorrow.

Our public education system faces many challenges. Keeping our children safe has become a topic for legislators and our national news media. Mental health issues continue to mount for the children in our classrooms. We lack alignment between our educational purpose and what’s required to prepare students for future success. We balance the costs of a high quality education with the reality of the tax burden on our residents.

It’s time to stop accepting the status quo; it’s our time to create the education we desire for our students. It’s our time in Hilliard; it’s our time to think, dream, believe, and finally dare to be the change we want to see. Yesterday’s education isn’t preparing today’s students for tomorrow’s success. It’s time to dare. Together we think and dream; we hypothesize and fail as a team. We are the dream builders; we are the believers. We dare and we succeed.

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