It is well to be up before daybreak, for such habits contribute to health, wealth, and wisdom. – Aristotle

I recently finished reading The 5 AM Club – Own Your Morning, Elevate Your Life, by Robin Sharma. For me, this was an exercise in affirmation. I have been a loyal member of the 5 AM Club since the mid-1990s. While a teacher, early morning gave me time to workout before practice or going to graduate school. As an administrator, especially now as a superintendent, the early morning hours are the only time in my day that is predictable (except on snowy Ohio mornings).

Getting up before the crack of dawn is physical, cerebral, and spiritual for me. I set the tone for my body, mind, and heart with my action. My self-talk during my morning run, swim, or exercise routine prepares me for the predictable events of the day. I rehearse conversations in my mind; I consider scenarios and review presentations. I pray for strength and wisdom; I start the day with an optimistic peace of mind.

Are you in the 5 AM Club? Do you intentionally set aside time – uninterrupted time – for your body, mind, and heart? If not, what’s stopping you from joining The Club? All are welcome!

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