Courage is knowing what not to fear.

Courage is knowing what not to fear.  – Plato


I was recently reading to a group of first grade students.  The conversation turned to when to be afraid and when to have courage.  We talked about good fear – the fear that has us “press pause” when we cross the street or want to climb a tall tree.  We also talked about fear that stops us from trying new things – the fear that holds us back from progress.


Ultimately, just like with sixyearolds, we all need to count on those around us to either overcome or justify our fears.  We all have the Power of the Team in our lives.  When we are fearful, we must engage our team to determine is this a “stop fear” or a “go fear.”  We must listen to the little voice inside each of us when we feel fear.  We must also have the courage to be intentional and discipline in our next steps.

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