Our schools embrace the Spirit of the Season as a teaching opportunity.

Our schools embrace the Spirit of the Season as a teaching opportunity.

As a youngster growing up, the holiday season officially began when Santa Claus entered my television screen at the conclusion of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. For many, the Black Friday shopping day is the start of the holidays. The Spirit of the Season is part of our American culture; our schools embrace the inescapable spirit of joy, giving, and hope as well.

In our schools this Spirit of the Season creates opportunities to teach our students about diversity, acceptance, belonging, and hope. We have opportunities to cultivate empathy and community with young people of all ages. We engage in discussions about giving to others and being thankful for gifts received. We all speak to children about the natural “desire for more” and balancing the “joy of giving.”

As an economically, socially, and religiously diverse district like Hilliard we are always mindful of the social emotional needs of all our young people. We are stronger because of our diversity; we prepare our students to be successful in a multinational, global world. The holiday season isn’t something we shy away from . . . it isn’t something we keep out of schools. The holiday season is another opportunity to celebrate and embrace our diversity. It isn’t easy; we do the work.

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