Pride is always hungry and must always be fed. Humility sustains itself.

“Pride is always hungry and must always be fed. Humility sustains itself.” – David Jeremiah

We are committed to educating the whole child. Our work focuses on a balance of academic and life skills. Our district has hired a Director of Student Well-Being. We know that mental health issues are a paramount concern in our society today. It is imperative that we accept the responsibility to emphasize humility and empathy in our students.

Social media, the pressure to always outwardly emphasize the perfect image to our peers and society, overemphasizes narcissism and selfishness. When we feed the social media beast, we create a never ending cycle. We post those “perfect pictures” . . . we become braggadocios . . . then we must one-up the last picture.

Let’s focus on empathy, humility, and teamwork. When we embrace our values, our Power of the Team, we celebrate successes together, learn from failures with support, and instill pride in true accomplishments rather than shallow events.

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