Your time is valuable; don’t get caught in the weeds.

Your time is valuable; don’t get caught in the weeds.

Our instant communications, constant information world offers a myriad of distractions and obstacles that keep what is most important in the forefront of our minds. From alerts to texts, from Facebook to YouTube . . . it is easy to get caught wasting time on unimportant things. We get caught in the latest gossip or drama without even thinking about it . . . it is the unintended consequence for our technological world. It is our autopilot response to the everyday.

Get off autopilot . . . don’t simply troll twitter or enter that FaceBook thread. Be intentional with your time. Build real relationships with friends and family . . . truly expand your knowledge about important subjects. Be in the moment with your children, your spouse . . . give them your full attention. It is worth it.

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