A teacher affects eternity; they can never tell where their influence stops.

A teacher affects eternity; they can never tell where their influence stops.  – Henry Adams

As Teacher Appreciation Week draws to a conclusion, I would be remiss to pass on the opportunity to celebrate the effect of our amazing, talented teachers.

Think for a moment about your favorite, most influential teachers.  Reflect on the way these professionals motivated you to be more, on the way these teachers fueled your passion to be the best version of you.

Teachers push us to our edge . . . then show us we can achieve more.  Teachers inspire us to dream . . . then provide the skills to make each dream a reality.  Teachers build our confidence and model a growth mindset.  Teacher demonstrate that failure isn’t the end, but merely an opportunity to learn and grow.

Take time today to thank a teacher.  Google that individual who made a difference and surprise them with an email.  We live in a digital era, but computers will never replace the talented, dedicated teachers that create the future . . . one student at a time.

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