Expect to succeed.  Be ready not to.

“Expect to succeed.  Be ready not to.”  – Brian Kight

From a professional golfer standing behind the ball visualizing the perfect shot, to the high school violinist practicing a difficult section of music prior to a performance, we know that visualizing success is paramount to actual achievement.  We instill in our children that through positive self-talk, hard work and a positive mindset, success is more likely.  We expect to succeed because we’ve done the work, we’ve made the commitment to the process, and we’ve built skill.

We also teach young people that failure isn’t an end, but a step along our journey.  When we fail, we learn and improve.  While we expect to succeed, we are also prepared to fail-forward.  From that missed putt on the green, to the wrong answer on an exam . . . we are provided opportunities to learn, live our growth mindset, and be better prepared for the next time.  This is life . . . it is a never-ending journey of experiences and opportunities.  Be ready for anything.

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