When we do fantasy we must not lose sight of reality.  – Walt Disney

When we do fantasy we must not lose sight of reality.  – Walt Disney

In education today we dream, we educate, and we innovate.  We empower our students with voice and choice.  We inspire our children to follow their passion.  Our dreams . . . the fantasies we create for our students . . . opens doors for a brighter future.  Our dreams can come true, when we believe AND when we work.  Dreams don’t become reality by simply thinking about them.  Creating the reality takes work, purpose, and skill.

The education world in which we live requires us to dream, but to also keep sight of reality.  Students must learn to read and write.  Students must memorize math facts and understand processes.  The passion isn’t enough without the foundation.  The innovation can’t happen without base knowledge.  Success isn’t possible without an ethic based in work and dedication.

Continue to dream . . . do the required fantasy to build the future . . . and never lose sight of reality.  It is our guidepost.

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