In solitude we don’t reject the world but have the space to think our thoughts.

“In solitude we don’t reject the world but have the space to think our thoughts.” ― Sherry Turkle 

We live in a world of constant connections. Personally, I am constantly connected. From my iPhone to my watch, from my iPad to Alexa, I always seem to be sharing or gathering information. In reality, the world of information is at my fingertips. The problem is, my mind is also always racing. I often find myself in a state of information-overload.


Finding space to be with my thoughts is important to me. Finding time to process all of the information, to configure my thoughts in my own brain before I engage other people, is of utmost importance. I need time . . . I need mini-breaks during the day . . . to simply have space for my thoughts.


When do you have time to think? When do you make time to reflect and process. One of the greatest gifts of a good leader is being able to process the situation. Our brains process . . . we evaluate . . . each input we encounter. What we hear, see, read, smell . . . all of those sensory stimulated requires processing. When we are in “overload” we miss things. It is important that we slow down and make space to process . . . to intentionally and purposefully get our minds right before we act.

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