A teacher affects eternity, and can never tell where the influence stops.

A teacher affects eternity, and can never tell where the influence stops. – Henry Adams

From kindergarten through college, our teachers have shaped who we are today. There are countless teachers that have shaped who I am today. From pre-school (where I had powder Tide put in my mouth for being dishonest) to my doctoral program (when I was encouraged to reach beyond what I thought was possible) teachers have influenced me in untold ways.

Teachers build confidence and cultivate resilience in students. Teachers provide the foundation and inspire the dreams of students. With every word, encouraging smile, and supportive comment teachers can spark students to reach further, think deeper, and pursue excellence.

No evaluation system or assessment accurately measures the influence of our teachers. Teaching isn’t only a science – it is an art as well. The art of teaching – the art of influencing the future – can’t be overlooked in our classrooms. Like wonderful art . . . it’s impossible to measure but we know it when we see it.

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