By changing nothing, nothing changes.

By changing nothing, nothing changes. – Anthony Robbins
I often find myself in a paradoxical state of mind. I am thankful for the many blessings in my life and I want to cherish each day. At the same time, I have a deep passion to pursue excellence. I believe in my inner core, in my heart-of-hearts, that I am on a journey that requires intentional growth and improvement. How do I square these two competing goals? How do I enjoy the present and push myself to the edge in pursuit of excellence?
Life is about balance, it is about reflection, and it’s about living with purpose. Managing the paradox requires friends and family . . . it takes strong relationships and partnerships. No one can live in isolation; no one can do it alone. Sharing the success of today with others bring joy to the present. Building connections with colleagues and friends – being open minded and reflective – provides the foundation for thanks and the fuel to change.  

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