Leadership is your ability to hide your panic from others.

Leadership is your ability to hide your panic from others. – Lao Tuz
True leaders bring calm in a storm. True leaders are those who can bring calm to chaos, who can keep their heads when those around them lose their heads.
Why do true leaders hide their panic? What makes someone able to function at a high level under pressure?  
True leaders know their core; true leaders know what they value. When you know your core values, when your heart and your head are in alignment, acting in times of stress is natural. When you don’t question what you believe, your mind is clear when you need to act.
Are you clear about your values and purpose? Do you reflect daily on your personal alignment? Your faith and heart must be aligned with your personal and professional life. As a leader, you are able to perform in the storm, hide your panic, if you are aligned with your purpose. 

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