There’s no accomplishment without struggle. No triumph without tests and failures along the way.


Challenges are just part of the journey.  There’s no accomplishment without struggle.  No triumph without tests and failures along the way.  – Jon Gordon


Simply stated, this is why optimists get things done.  Optimistic, positive people are more naturally persistent.  Positive people don’t let the struggle, don’t let the failures along the way, get them down.


There is great energy in optimism.  There is also energy in negativism.  Negative people are like a vacuum; they can suck the energy out of a group.  Positive people bring light and energy to any situation.  Positive energy is contagious; optimism is the impetus to succeed in challenges.


Yes, where there is a will there is a way . . . it starts with persistent optimism.  Don’t permit negative energy to enter into your space . . . create a positive energy field that pushes out negative energy.

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