Surround yourself with positive, purposefully avoid the negative. 

Surround yourself with positive, purposefully avoid the negative. 
Forget the news . . . the local and national news is one of the worst things you can do if you desire to stay positive. It is part of the “news trap.” News organizations purposefully strive to create uncertainly . . . it is what makes us continue to watch, read, and listen.
Don’t be a troll . . . Twitter, Facebook, and other social media sites are wonderful for sharing information quickly. Social media is great for sharing quick information with your network, but it isn’t for cultivating deep, personal relationships. Think about it . . . do you know a single happy, optimistic person who posts multiple times per day on Facebook?
Optimistic people . . . successful people . . . take the time to build real relationships. Happy people spend time serving others; they spend time devoted to positive outcomes. It takes discipline to purposefully avoid the stagnation of negativism. We must intentionally surround ourselves with positive people and in positive situations. We must create the culture we expect.  
Be skillful how you spend your time, with whom you spend each moment, and where you devote your energy. Live in the positive, avoid negative traps, and create the culture in your life you demand.

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