Seek balance, embrace wellness, and manage yourself.

Seek balance, embrace wellness, and manage yourself.

Life requires us to balance a myriad of aspects, of competing issues, on a daily basis. One area that requires this balance is our habits and wellness. Yes, we are committed to serving others and making a difference. Our personal values put the needs of others above our own desires and wants. BUT, and yes there is a but, we must be at our best to effectively pursue our values.

First of all, we must seek a mental balance. We must have our minds right, we must be focused and intentional, in order to be at our best. This includes time for relaxation and mental breaks. This includes spiritual wellness and a commitment to our own heart and soul. Our mental balance provides the ability to say “no” when necessary and to turn a deaf-ear to distracting noise.

Our physical wellness is also essential to serving at our highest level. Our bodies require nutrition, exercise, and sleep. It isn’t selfish or self-centered to take the time to be at your best. In fact, it is selfish and egocentric to not make time to take care of yourself. Being a martyr doesn’t serve anyone . . . it only leaves you at less than your best.

As we reflect on this past year, and plan for the future, make a commitment to yourself. Be intentional in your actions and be purposeful with your calendar. Our work is too important to be anything less than our best. It doesn’t take hundreds of dollars in equipment, gym memberships, or professional counseling (at least for most of us). It takes a simply step – think about wellness and balance. Make the commitment to be at your best so you can serve others with purpose.

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