Be so invested in your craft that you don’t have time to listen to the naysayers. No time for negativity.

Be so invested in your craft that you don’t have time to listen to the naysayers.  No time for negativity.  You’re too busy creating your future.  – Jon Gordon


In today’s instant gratification, complain now society, it is often difficult to tune-out the noise.  It is so easy for anyone – any everyone – to place blame.  It is an easy trap, even for the most discipline among us, to fall into.  Something happens . . . service isn’t what we expect at a restaurant or the coach doesn’t start our child . . . so we immediately take to social media or shoot off a hostile email.


As educators, as leaders, we face a constant barrage of criticism and blame.  Honestly, I don’t believe it is from the majority; in my judgement we’ve made it incredibly easy for the vocal minority to yell with increased volume.  Social media and electronic communication has given naysayers a megaphone and an instant captive audience.


We must live with the courage of our convictions and the willingness to embrace the discomfort of telling truth to naysayers . . . the challenge of being so invested in our work that we do not – we will not – permit those who Blame, Complain, and Defend (BCD) to take us off course.  Our journey is to urgent – our work is shaping the future – to permit negative, pessimistic, and grumpy people to distract us.  We are too busy creating the future.


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