One person can’t make a team but one person can break a team.

One person can’t make a team but one person can break a team.  – Jon Gordon


In your mind’s eye reflect for a moment about your team, your group, or your department.  There are positive people on the team . . . people who bring energy and who inspire the best in others.  And, there are probably negative people . . . energy vampires that seem to suck the life from any activity or initiative.


First of all, commit yourself to your team.  Commit to “bringing the positive” each and every day.  Commit to your teammates; be the best teammate you can be.


Secondly – and this is the hard part – do not permit one person to break the team.  You have control – call them on it.  You have the power to say, “No, this isn’t how we behave.”  Too often we permit the negative people, the bullies, and the energy vampires to break us down.  Stand-up and Own It . . . break the cycle and strengthen your team.

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