What happens to you at the edge? Does your focus stay locked in?

“What happens to you at the edge? Does your focus stay locked in? Do you maintain effort?” – Tim Kight

My edge . . . the place between where I am comfortable and what I can do today . . . is an almost daily location. I find my edge all the time. I push myself – my job pushes me. In my three plus years as the Hilliard Superintendent I’ve passed my edge some days . . . I have faltered, I have fallen, and I have failed.

When my default behavior takes over . . . when I lose focus and feel sorry for myself . . . I am unable to maintain effort and succeed.

When I remain discipline, when the team provides strength and support, I not only succeed at the edge but I redefine capacity. The joy in living and learning at the edge is we redefine our capacity each and every day.

There is great joy in performing better today than I did yesterday. There is tremendous productivity when our team refines what’s possible . . . when we redefine the edge.

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