Excuses are attempts to avoid the psychological discomfort of accepting responsibility.

“Excuses are attempts to avoid the psychological discomfort of accepting responsibility.  It never works.  Excuses weaken you.” – Tim Kight


Our self-talk is extremely important for our individual state of mind.  We naturally try to convince ourselves of ways to avoid discomfort.  We all know people that are able to convince themselves of anything; it’s as if they believe the excuses they create for themselves.


Our self-talk can also be used to reach elite level of performance.  Our self-talk, rather than making excuses can push us towards success.  We have a choice.  We can either make excuses and talk ourselves into taking the easy way out . . . OR we can embrace the discomfort in the journey ahead and push ourselves to the EDGE of our abilities.


It’s important to remember, pushing to the EDGE doesn’t mean we don’t take time for relaxation, for rest, and for enjoyment.   Pushing to the EDGE often means embracing the discomfort of saying “no” to things in our lives, to make time for our families and for ourselves.  No one can live the entire time at the EDGE . . . it is knowing when to push and making time to relax.  It’s about the balance . . . this is part of our individual challenge.

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