The edge of comfort

Everyone wants to DO what the great ones DO but very few are willing to do what they DID to become great.  – Jon Gordon, Training Camp


Success doesn’t come without effort.  In order to move from “where you are” to “where you can be” you must be willing to reach the edge of your comfort zone.


You must have a mindset focused on being better today than you were yesterday.  You must be ready to succeed tomorrow.


You must sustain your focus – to be committed and connected to the process.  It’s about practicing, training for success, and living at the edge of your comfort zone.  It’s easy to be average; it takes work to be great.


You can’t be great alone . . . it takes teamwork, critical friends, and accountability.  It takes being coachable – and being willing to coach.  It takes putting in the effort, doing the work, and having the mindset to become great.

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