Be great today

Stop worrying about your greatness in the future.  Just strive to be great today.  Do great things today.  – Jon Gordon, Training Camp


Win the day . . . it is a common statement that motivational speakers frequently share at presentations.  Your legacy, your influence, isn’t the result of a single action or event.  We build a narrative on our journey.  Your legacy, your journey is the result of daily effort – or daily events.


On our journey we are guided each day, at each moment, by our changeless-core to have the right mindset and approach.  We are motivated by purpose; we have confidence in knowing we aren’t alone.  We live our purpose, we reach elite status, by winning each moment.  Be great today . . . win each event with an intentional, skillful response.


As Jon Gordon reminds us . . . “just strive to be great today.”

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