Focus Inside for grit, power, and unity

The more the team looks inside, not outside (expectations, media, press) the more they play with grit, power, and unity.  – John Gordon


As educators we face a truck-load of external criticism.  From legislators creating assessments systems that narrow our focus, to the media seeking ways to create drama, from parents utilizing social media to fan the flames of anger, to students seeking instant gratification, there are plenty of outside voice to distract us from our mission . . . from our purpose.


The more we are able to look at ourselves, the more we are able embrace our passion for excellence based on our purpose, the better we will serve our students.  As professional educators – as motived, educated, and service driven people – we know what it takes to be elite.  We know what is required of us; we are willing to step up and make a difference.  Let’s commit to focusing inside . . . we are stronger together.

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