What do you permit?

I teach people how to treat me by what I will allow. – Stephen Covey
Have you ever been in a room, been with a group of people, and felt incredibly uncomfortable? Have you ever had someone make a comment, or hurl an insult, and just let it go? Do people in your organization talk behind the backs of others? Do you listen or participate in gossip?
The behavior you allow . . . in both your professional and personal life . . . is teaching people how to treat you. Have you ever thought, “If they talk about others this way when I am in the room, they probably talk about me this way when I am not in the room?”
Stepping-up means having the strength to be true to your inner core. Your values are your guideposts . . . your values are defined by your actions. Always remember, what you permit is just as powerful as what you say.

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