Master your weaknesses

It isn’t about what you can do really well. Life is about discovering – and then perfecting – the things you don’t know how to do yet.
In his recent book, Talent is Overrated, Geoff Colvin shares, “If you set a goal of becoming an expert in your business, you would immediately start doing all kinds of things you don’t know how to do.”
As we embark on a new year, as we set-out to lead, to teach, and to learn, we must embrace the idea that the skills we already possess will not make us great. We all have talent; if we didn’t we wouldn’t be in our current position. We all have competence; we have experiences that permit us to be in our specific roles. What sets some people apart is the drive . . . the drive to perfect what we will be asked to do in the future which isn’t currently in our skill set.
Think about your current role . . . what you are asked to do each and every day. Now . . . don’t spend too much time today doing what you already do well. You’ve got that! Take time today to embrace that which is difficult . . . take time to master the skills that are your weaknesses.

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