Living our growth mindset

No matter what happens, or how bad it seems today, life does go on, and it will be better tomorrow.  – Maya Angelou


We live our lives with a growth mindset.  We don’t, we can’t believe that there is a capacity for our growth.  We’d never say, “we are done learning and we can’t learning anymore.”


Each event we encounter, each experience in our lives, is an opportunity to learn . . . an opportunity to grow.  Through our experiences we get better.  Yes, we have bad days and we encounter challenging experiences.  There are times we fail and there are experiences that hurt.  We strive to fail-forward.  We choose to learn from failures.  We heal . . . we get better . . . we pursue excellence.


Our passion for growth is grounded in the faith . . . with optimism and passion . . . that together we will achieve great things.  There are days that test us; there are days that reveal our true resolve.  We live those days knowing that each test makes us stronger, each challenge we overcome prepares us to be better in the future.


For educators, summer provides a time for productive reflection.  We embrace our growth mindset and purposefully begin the process of planning for the year to come.  We rest, we relax, and we recharge.  The work we do with students requires us to be at our best; it is mentally, emotionally, and physically demanding.  Our productive reflection is essential in the growth process.  It’s difficult to reflect during periods of constant stress and chaos – say the last month of a school year.  Now is the time . . . be intentional in your thoughts . . . because life does go on, and you will be better tomorrow.

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