Remember to Repeat

Brain Rule #6 – Remember to repeat – John Medina, Brain Rules, 2008
No . . . this isn’t the same as yesterday. My hope is that you remember yesterday’s message.
Most memories only survive a couple of minutes. The things you have already encountered today are far too numerous to actively remember them all . . . you only actually remember a fraction of the sensory events that take place around you.
Long-term memories have meaning . . . long-term memories are the result of “self-talk” between your hippocampus and your cortex. It often takes years for a long-term memory to be embedded in the cortex.
If you want to remember something – I mean really remember it – you must remember to repeat it. You must, in your actions and self-talk, take the time and exert the energy, to remember to repeat the information. You must reread it, talk about it, think about it, and apply it.
What do you remember? I mean really remember. You have memories that are highly emotional and you remember things you have repeated and repeated over time. It may be something you repeat week after week in church (for a lifetime) or something you’ve used every day for many years.  
If something is important to you . . . if you want something to be important to others . . . it can’t be a one-time, one-year initiative. It must be important enough to live each and every day! You must remember to repeat.

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