We are thinking creatures

Brain Rule # 2 – Survival – The human brain evolved, too – John Medina, Brain Rules, 2008 

We are thinking creatures. Our thoughts and development goes well beyond simple survival. We strive to understand not only our own needs – we have evolved to understand one another’s intentions and motivations. We have evolved to coordinate needs within a group . . . to care for others.


Leadership isn’t about being the strongest, fastest, or smartest. Leadership is about getting a group of people to perform at the highest levels. What we do every day is about bringing out the best in others. Your task is to continually process what is needed for the group to perform. It is reflective and based on a growth mindset. What is required of you today may be different than what was required yesterday.


Leadership is an evolutionary process . . . it is changing to meet the needs of today. Each event, each encounter, demands that we reassess, recalculate, and recalibrate our response. We strive to serve others, to live with purpose, and to do what is required of us.


Standing still isn’t an option; performing the same as yesterday won’t continue to move us forward. Evolve, improve, and strive to be elite!

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