The Simpler the Better

Occam’s razor – all things being equal, simpler explanations are generally better than complex ones.


Occam’s razor is a heuristic used to help scientists through theoretical models; it is a process to help frame logic and test results.  We live and work in a complex world.  We face challenges; we deal with events, each and every day.  We have been working with Tim Kight on implementation of another heuristic, E + R = O, Event + Response = Outcome.


As we face events throughout our lives – both personal and professional – we must be intentional and purposeful in our actions.  For me, this is about stopping for a moment – pressing pause – to consider my emotions and the desire outcomes.  These heuristics, or methods to view a process, are a framework to reach the intended outcome.


As we consider our response to any event, application of Occam’s razor is essential.  Don’t fall into the trap of creating complex solutions for simple problems.  The simpler the solution, the better for everyone.  As we press pause and get our minds around what is required of us . . . keep it simple!


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