“It does not matter how slow you go as long as you do not stop.” – Confucius


A growth mindset is predicated on the commitment, is rooted in the faith that our basic abilities can be developed and improved through hard work, dedication, and discipline.  We embrace the productive discomfort of change, we believe in our purpose, in order to pursue excellence.  We strive to be elite.


New initiatives in any organization, in any field, are adopted and embraced at various paces.


THE RUNNERS:  There will be those in any organization who run.  These are the early adopters – the people who are the first to try anything new.  These folks have little fear, they embrace failures as learning experiences, and they have tremendous persistence.  You know these people . . . they are the first to load the new operating system, always trying new approaches, and always blazing new trails.


THE JOGGERS:  There are people in any organization who jog.  These people often wait for the runners to get a little ahead.  They ask questions . . . they peak around corners.  They aren’t fearful of change, but they don’t need to be the first one to do something new.  These individuals will try new things, but cautiously and after thoughtful consideration.  The joggers love talking with the runners.  While the runners create best practices through trial and error . . . the jogger want to employ best practices.


THE WALKERS: The walkers are the cautious people within any organization.  Walkers like the “tried and true.”  Walkers are resistant to trying something new without proof that it is going to work, and work well.  Walkers resist passing fads . . . they know what works because they’ve done it for years.  Walkers are steady, solid, and grounded.


Confucius is entirely right . . . we are all moving forward as long as no one is standing still.  We need people to be trail blazers . . . these people bring energy and new ideas to the organization.  We wouldn’t want too many trail blazers; it would be chaos.  We need joggers . . . those who implement best practices . . . those who are the heartbeat of progress.  We need walkers . . . those who are the base for success.  Walkers keep the organization grounded and ensure quality in each and every program.


Each role in the organization is important.  Who are you?  What role do your peers fill?

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