What does Ready for Tomorrow mean?

“There are two educations.  One should teach us how to make a living and the other how to live.” – John Adams



I’m often asked, “What does Ready for Tomorrow really mean?”


Ready for Tomorrow is simple . . . it ensures students are equipped with both the life and academic skills to be successful in the future.


Academic skills are quantifiable.  We have standards for our classrooms.  Our teachers and skilled professionals have developed a curriculum to deliver the instructional standards to our students in the classrooms.  Our students will have the academic skills required to be successful in college, the workforce, or the military.  Each student, regardless of their journey after graduation, will have an individual and personal knowledge base for success in the future.


Life skills are more difficult to measure.  Our students will have developed a strong sense of personal responsibility; they will own their work and act with discipline.  Our students will understand the importance of teamwork, of collaboration, and of respect for others.  Our students will have persistence and focus . . . they will embrace a growth mindset and productive discomfort.


Education is more than simply teaching the knowledge.  Education must be about the character, the relationships, and the responsibility.  These lives must be intertwined because Ready for Tomorrow is dependent on both life and academic preparation.

One thought on “What does Ready for Tomorrow mean?

  1. I had a neighbor ask me last night what “Ready for Tomorrow” means to the district! It was a great conversation. And then…your blog! Keep em coming!


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