Busy or Effective

“Technology sometimes encourages people to confuse busyness with effectiveness.” – Douglas Reeves 

I am amazed, angered, and frightened by the number of people I see texting while driving. These people not only risk their own health and safety; these people are risking the health and safety of those around them.


I am guilty of falling into the busyness trap too. I fight the temptation – and often fail in my efforts – to check my technology rather than being present in the moment. I over-value the information at my fingertips at the expense of the people in the room. I pride myself in the timely response rather than the thoughtful, mindful communications.


Let’s all be mindful of the need for relationships. In order to be effective we must take the time to engage, collaborate, and build trust. Our job isn’t to be busy . . . our work demands us to be effective. 

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