Faith is the Answer

“When fear knocks, faith answers” – Robin Roberts 

Webster defines faith as a, “strong belief or trust in something or someone.” For many, including me, faith has a strong religious connotation. Faith is a system of religious beliefs; beliefs that are not based on proof.


Regardless of your definition, overcoming fear often requires strong faith. From our youngest memories of our parents comforting us after a nightmare . . . we had faith that our parents would protect us . . . to adult fears about health, raising children, and global security . . . our faith provides comfort.


We must press pause when we are afraid; there are some fears that are real. There are some fears that are warning signs or flags about our behavior. Once we take a moment to assess the situation we must turn to our faith. We must turn to our faith, that in the right mind, living our purpose, we are continuing to grow.  


What is your purpose? Do you have faith in the life you are living? I have a strong belief – faith – in our work together in service to children. I have trust – faith – in our team, our partnerships, and our community.  

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