Dream Big, Focus Small

“Dream Big, Focus Small” – Robin Roberts 

Dreams . . . the thoughts we have when our eyes are closed and we picture the future. Dreams are our aspirations. Dreams encompass our goals, our hopes, and our ambitions. Dreams are fuel for work and dedication.  


We all have dreams, but not everyone makes their dreams come true. Making dreams come true . . . living our dreams . . . isn’t as simple as closing our eyes. Making our dreams come true requires focus, attention to detail, and extreme dedication. Making dreams come true comes from focus on the small things.


Dreams are our vision . . . our focus is the plan. We must plan to be successful in the future, we must take responsibility for our dreams, and we continue to embrace a growth mindset in our lives. As we live with purpose, as we live our lives, our dreams grow too. Never stop dreaming . . . never lose that focus on the small things.

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